Another Fully Vaxxed Footballer Dies Mid-Game After Suffering Massive Heart Attack

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Another young, healthy footballer who recently took the mRNA COVID booster has died on the pitch mid-game. Italian striker Mattia Giani, 26, was seen clutching his chest as he attempted to shoot a goal, before collapsing and being rushed to hospital. “Castelfiorentino striker Mattia Giani was rushed to hospital after clutching his chest and collapsing…

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On record it is said to be that 20 plus million people have already died from the WEF death shots and billions have been injured the numbers of deaths in reality are probably way higher than that if morons continue to listen to the government and take these poison shots that that’s will continue to climb overtime.

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What happened to the comment section I guess this is how it will be from now on.

yep certainly not the first certainly not the last we tried to tell them they didn’t listenThey and they still won’t listen they line up and take more vaccines and more VaccinesLine up for their 15 minutes cities line up for the fake foods line up for the social credit score might as well just standing a circle and shoot yourself in an Irish firing squad it’s all fucking ridiculous people should wake up but they can they’re too fucking stupid I hope they wake up I suppose at least my sperms fucking good and worth a lot no money can pay for my sperm priceless pure blood