Chris Cuomo, Who Pushed Covid Jabs on CNN, Admits Moderna Vaccine Destroyed His Health

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Former CNN host Chris Cuomo was an advocate for the Covid mRNA vaccinations during the pandemic, encouraging his audience to get jabbed. Cuomo received two Moderna shots and felt so strongly about the vaccine rollout that he dedicated personal time to arguing with the unvaccinated on Twitter, accusing those who rejected the jabs of being…

It has to be the ultimate irony, to hear former CNN high-flying anchor, Chris Cuomo finding himself admitting that, not only is he himself vaccine injured, but asking a clinical Nurse, on his show, if he ‘believed’ it was the vaccines that caused his injuries?

It is an irony not lost on all who clearly remember Chris Cuomo metaphorically pushing vaccines down his viewer’s throats when he was at CNN.

His male guest did not hesitate to instantly correct Chris about the “Belief” part of his question, categorically answering, "It is not a belief it is a fact.”

That Chris’s guest described how he was injured within 15 to 20 minutes of his first dose of the vaccine, describing numbness with tingling symptoms in his arm where he received the needle, then spreading all over his body, was the nail in the coffin to any question that his guest was responding out of any “Belief,” but an actual account of his injury experiences from the vaccines.