Covid Jabs Caused Patients To 'Die So Horrifically, So Quickly' Says Hospital Whistleblower

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A hospital whistleblower has described the horrific side effects patients experienced after taking the experimental Covid Jabs in 2021 and 2022 and how doctors were left ‘baffled’. The whistleblower known only by Zoe, is a medical coder who transfers information included in patient medical records into a database for insurance purposes. “For days, patients would…

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This is the result of the US government giving authority to print our currency to a private bank. this bank has decided what is best for all of us, and they have been prining money and distributing it to places where they can take power. They funded immoral men in high places that will do their bidding. Our own federal reserve bank is destroying our country and will and have starting killing us.

To stop this we must revoke the Federal Reserve bank charter and return the money management back to the US treasury. We must seize the assets of said bank, and arrest and prosecute the owners and their immoral men they funded.

Voting Trump into office won’t do anything.

yeah it’s gonna get a lot worse with the Cancer vaccine and the bird flu vaccine Bill Gates has got a lot to answer for so is the world economic forum so is the world Health Organisation so see United Nations they are all corrupt and complicit all governments royal families they all need to go all politicians out there is no room for this

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