Gates Foundation Insider Admits 'The Pandemic Was a Hoax'

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Breaking news out of the Gates Foundation as a former high-level scientist employed by Bill Gates to work on vaccines has admitted that there was no Covid pandemic. According to the virologist, the Covid mRNA vaccines rolled out by governments around the world were not needed because was no pandemic, just a tightly choreographed military…

If “The Pandemic” was not a hoax, it certainly had every appearance of being one in the eye of any well-seasoned observer who has been around the traps for any reasonable period of time.

This article’s contention that it will soon become worse is borne out by this morning’s news on “X" from Elon Musk. His excitement about using synthetic mRNA to “Change the World” by, as he puts it, turning Humans into Butterflies, must surely be ringing alarm bells wherever people still have human ears to hear.

One would also need to be blind not to have noticed what Doctors are now admitting is occurring.

“They are warning that rare and aggressive forms of cancer are exploding and many young and healthy vaccinated people are dying within days of being diagnosed with turbo cancers.**”

If you have personally witnessed this in someone you know, as I have, you understand exactly where this is coming from.

However, when you read lines like the following, you instantly know they are having a lend of us.

"Scientists are now trying to convince the masses to line up for a vaccine that supposedly works on viruses they haven’t even discovered yet.

If it were anyone other than the highly credible, former Gates Foundation scientist and vaccine expert, Dr. Gert Vanden Bossche, you might be forgiven for doubting any of this, but Gert has the goods on them. Thanks Gert for sharing it.