Malaysian Doctor Apologizes For Pushing Deadly Covid Jabs

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A Malaysian doctor has issued a public apology for his role in recommending and administering the dangerous covid 19 shots. Dr. Syafiq Nordin, who says he had three jabs himself, issued the heartfelt apolgy to his 10K followers on social media and asked for their forgivness. It follows the recent news regarding Pfizer’s ‘social media…

I am not a trained medical professional, but I knew that putting messenger RNA to change my DNA was an absolute idiotic thing to do. I liken it to when our engineers make a software patch to fix something or to alter the firmware or software, usually all kinds of unforseen glitiches occur in the products. I knew this crap was going to happen with the mRNA.


I think a wave of these apologies are on the horizon.
How do you live with it after?


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