Psychiatrists Warn Against Harmful, Experimental Trangender Treatments

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A top psychiatric organization in Europe is warning doctors against promoting “experimental” transgender “treatments” to gender-confused children and adolescents. The European Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ESCAP) published a policy statement that urges healthcare providers “not to promote experimental and unnecessarily invasive treatments with unproven psycho-social effects. They suggests instead that they adhere to…

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  • John 8: 41-47; John 15: 21-24 ; Matthew 27: 25
    ** Leviticus 18: 6. 20. 22. 29** (Satan & Devil = Synonyms)

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  • John 8: 41-47; John 15: 21-24 ; Matthew 27: 25
    ** Leviticus 18: 6. 20. 22. 29** (Satan & Devil = Synonyms)