Two Major Studies Prove Global Turbo Cancer Explosion Caused By mRNA Vaccines

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Two new academic studies have found the spike protein of both SARS-CoV-2 and mRNA vaccinations inhibit an important tumor suppressor protein, which leads to increased incidence of cancer. While mainstream media and so-called “fact checkers” have been claiming there is no link between mRNA vaccines and the “mysterious” increase in cancer around the world, independent…

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and now everyone’s going to be taking the Cancer vaccine poison so be killing off more people and then there’s a bird flu jab which will kill off everyone else there is literally going to be left 144,000 of Us because they’ve killed everyone else off this is beyond a joke let us unify and stop this

The bird flu jab causes infertility too…

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  • John 8: 41-47; John 15: 21-24; Matthew 27: 25

** Leviticus 18: 6. 20. 22. 29** (Satan & Devil = Synonyms)

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  • John 8: 41-47; John 15: 21-24**; Matthew 27: 25

** Leviticus 18: 6. 20. 22. 29** (Satan & Devil = Synonyms)