UN Says 'Dangerous' Conspiracy Theorists Must Be Punished Like Terrorists 

Originally published at: https://thepeoplesvoice.tv/un-says-dangerous-conspiracy-theorists-must-be-punished-like-terrorists/

The United Nations has declared war on conspiracy theorists, describing the rise of people thinking for themselves as “worrying and dangerous”, and providing the public with a toolkit to “debunk” and “prebunk” anyone who dares to suggest the global elite are anything but completely honest, upstanding and working with our best interests at heart. The…

The UN has no authority. They are just a bunch of wealthy thieves who picked spokespeople that don’t represent the voice of the nation’s people

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yes they’re actually a criminal organisation, should have no power at all they should be disbanded they are a disgrace corrupt warmongering disgrace

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Is the United Nation’s definition of Conspiracy Theorist, “Anyone who disagrees with them?”

UN over reach must be checked.

And I wish to congratulate TPV for its expanding endeavors and giving The People a way to speak up on the important topics. Blessings to you all at TPV for picking up this necessary work as you are doing, and doing so well.

yes they are totally corrupt and say that anyone is the enemy if they do not go along with them but they are at a big corrupt criminal organisation