Welcome to The People's Voice Community! Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the The People’s Voice community.

We are a free speech forum, so you are free to discuss anything of interest.
We hope The People’s Voice community becomes a focus for lively debate, insights and information and I hope you enjoy your stay.
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Treating Others
This is a place for open and free discussion on a wide range of topics, and we ask that you respect each other by not bullying or harassing other members of the forum.

This is not the place for personal attacks, or to deliberately stop the flow of conversation from taking place. Please; Do not Hijack threads with the same questions if a Moderator has already answered them; do not post irrelevant images or text in other people’s topics for no reason other than disruption; Do not spam the forum with a bunch of new threads all in one session. Do not sign-up multiple user IDs for the purpose of trolling the forum or answering your own posts!

We welcome debate on sensitive issues such as Israel. However, this debate can be conducted without falling into the cesspit of gratuitous racist abuse.

Please do not post blatant advertisements, or try to promote health products or links to websites selling products that haven’t been endorsed by this website.

Quoting Other Sources & Copyright
You may quote other sources, providing that you name the source before and/or after the quote has been made, and link back to the relevant website if possible. We cannot allow the posting of any copyrighted material.

If there is something in particular you would like to post, but your not sure if it’s acceptable - please contact a moderator who’ll be able to approve or disapprove the material first. If there is no copyright attached to something, we’ll probably be able to make an exception.

Thread Topics
The “general” section is for all matters of a general nature, and the Moderators reserve the right to move posts into more appropriate sub-forums at their discretion.

We have many Sub-Forums, and we ask that before posting a thread, you consider where your post might best be suited. We also suggest before posting that you use the search function to see if there is already a thread you may add your post to rather than starting a new thread on a subject that may have recently been discussed.

Avatars and Signatures
Any user using an unsuitable avatar or signature (pornographic or illegal in nature), will be asked to remove it. A Moderator may remove an avatar and/or signature at any time if deemed necessary.

Here are some things you can do to get started:

:speaking_head: Introduce yourself by adding your picture and information about yourself and your interests to your profile.

:handshake: Get to know the community by browsing discussions that are already happening here. When you find a post interesting, join in the discussion! Newcomers are welcome to go to the newcomers thread and introduce themselves there.

If you need help or have a suggestion, feel free to ask in Site Feedback or contact the admins.