Senior Obama Aide Charged with Child Sex Offences

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One of Barack Obama’s senior policy advisors has been charged with child-sex charges in a British court. Court documents reveal that 46 year old Rahamim “Ramy” Shy has been accused of arranging the commission of a child-sex offence and possessing multiple indecent images of children. Former senior policy advisor to Obama White House charged with…


So glad that these perverts are finally being caught and outed. Now it’s time to pass a Federal law like Florida’s, that gives pedos the death penalty! I’ll volunteer to pull the handle, push the button, pull the trigger; whatever is needed! FJB and the Obiden regime!

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This is good news next needs to be Pedo Biden Obama Big Mike Crooked Clinton’s Klaus Schwab George Soros and more who are involved with the WEF.

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